New York..

I was fortune enough to get the oppurtunity to go to New York recently and I have to say it is the most amazing place! Here is a diary gallery of my trip…


Alis Pelleschi

Alis Pelleschi is a photographer I discovered about a year ago in a Glamour magzine, being called ‘the next big thing’. Instantly I took a liking to her work and now in contact with her with Twitter and Facebook. I like her work because her images are strong and technically good but also because she has a funny side to her and the way in which she works. We’ve recently had talk about a workshop day which she is trying to set up and I have my name down for.

Like Glamour Magazine said last year…watch out for her!! Here are some of her images from ‘Super Fans’ and ‘Party Portraits’.

Dan Witz..



I found these images the other day on Tumblr but  know nothing about them, I don’t know who there by or where there from!! But I had to blog them because I think there really funny..

Irina Werning

I discovered this photographer recently and instantly feel in love with her work, and in particular a piece called ‘Back to the future’. I’ve seen other work in a similar style but I think her’s work really successfully…

Ralph Lauren 4D experience..