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London riots 2011

So the other week I decided to get away from Hinckley and take a visit to London to see a friend, being a little uninterested in the news at the time I hadn’t really looked into the London riots and their seriousness. Anyway I had my train booked and was going no matter what. I got down there on monday 8th August and everything seemed pretty normal…untill I was out having some drinks and was informed that the riots had hit the area where I was staying, which meant a little problem of getting home! We managed to get a taxi back (although it did cost us £40) it was our only option. It wasnt untill the next morning when I went into the local high street that I really how bad things had got. Seeing pictures/stories on the news doesn’t even come close to how surreal it was in real life. It was a massive shock to say the least. On the other hand I really enjoyed being able to see with my own eyes and really understand the trouble that was going on. Luckily the riots moved away from our area and there wasnt any more bother the next few days. But I did get the see how effected everyone was by it, the following days I found shops boarding up there windows and small high streets were completely shutting because of fear of more rioting. I was truly amazed!

So here you go (a few weeks late but thats what you get for using a disposable)…