Monthly Archives: June 2011

Jonathan Hobin ‘In the playroom’

So I havent posted in a while and that’s mainly because I can honestly say I’ve not really found anything that has caught my eye or been worth blogging…untill now.

Jonathan Hobin’s images from his series ‘in the playroom’ really caught my eye in both good and bad ways. His series of images show children in different forms of rooms (playrooms, bedrooms, ect) playing in a carefree way, but the photographer has but a deeper meaning to the images to show form a darker image.

I’ve always been intrigued my images with children because they get so much abuse and are always called ‘disturbing’ or ‘out of order’, for example Loretta Lux’s and Sally Mann’s work. Hobin’s couldn’t have said it any better

“The quizzical disposition of youth and the pervasive nature of the media are symbolically represented in my images through tableau-vivant re-enactments of the very current events that adults might wish to keep out of their child’s world. Just as children make a game of pretending to be adults as a way to prepare and ultimately take on these roles in later life, so too do they explore things that they hear or see, whether or not they completely understand the magnitude of the event or the implications of their play.”

I think this perfectly represents his images and after reading what he thinks has encouraged me to think differently about images including children. I have never been put off by images including children because having a little brother myself, I have always found myself taking random photos of him and he is one of my main focuses within my photography.