Monthly Archives: December 2010

Clothes show 2010

From a previous shoot I did with a group of fashion students, I got the oppurtunity to go shoot at the clothes for them. I had a lovely day and really enjoyed being there. Here are a few shots from the day…

Unfortunatly I didnt get to go to the actual live catwalk show but I there was a small catwalk nearby coventry’s stand and I got to see some action on there. Here are a few from the catwalk..


Project idea 3# furthered..

I did another shoot outside my house today, I think they came out a bit more succesful than my previous shoot because I had a clearer idea as to what I was looking for.

These are some of edited photos…

Sophie Calle..

I feel like I need to give Sophie Calle a mention because I found her work most interesting and spurred a lot of my thoughts towards this project.

She had  big interest in pushing the boundaries of public/private space, and had done several works in this style. ‘The Shadow’ which was a project in which she got her mother to hire a private detective to follow her, Calle knew he was there but the detective didnt know she knew. ‘Suite Venitienne’ was another project in which she followed a man she met to Vienne and photographed him without his knowledge.

Calles work all involved a lot of public/private controversy but she is still classed as a very succesful photograph,I’ve definatly enjoyed looking at her work and how she works