Monthly Archives: November 2010

Project idea 3#

These are from a shoot i did the other day, I set up a camera and tripod outside my house and caught people walking past. The people were coming out really blurred but I actually started to like the effect it was giving so I carried on. These are a few edited images I got…


Lanvin at H & M!

It was only released on the 23rd November and is practically all sold out on their website!!!

Cassette boy..

I had a class this morning For my video editing course and was introduced to this…

I was also shown another short video which I really enjoyed…



Clothes Show Fashion Shoot..

I’m working with a group of fashion studetns at the minute for a project to do with the clothes show 2010.

Basically I did a shoot with them in the week which they needed so they could get an image for a poster advertising their work and then when the clothes show opens I will be heading along with them, which Im really excited about!!

Here’s a few of the images I shot and Ill post the final image that got chosen once I here back from the other students…

Bullring Birmingham photo project!

I’m definatly feeling the christmas spirit recently and even more so now I know all the christmas lights and markets are coming sooooon!!

In particular the photo project the Bullring will be holding, basically they want people to send in there photos, videos, music, words etc so they can include them on an 18m art installation. This year the theme is ‘optimism’ so i think everyone should get into the christmas spirit and start sending some work in!!