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Clay Candy Shack

Ive literally just seen this and i want one!!!

They look absolutly siiiiiick! Basically the custom medals are hand made by Jerm Jilla and are completely made out of clay and glitter, take a look…..

I want this one badly!!!!

These pretty easy to get..just make a design, send it to them, pay, and then its yours!!


Uh oh….

I always hated H&M not having an online store but NOW they have i wish they hadnt!! Im a massive fan of H&M and this could mean big problems with my bank balance!!

First on the wish list….

Im not a massive fan of the layout and what not but ill let them off for providing with some new winter clothes…





I would do anything to be going to this but i have a stupied ear infection and i think if i go anywere near load music my ear will explode!!


Dave White: Artist

I came across these earlier and thought they looked amazing….

This makes me want to buy aload of trainers….

Get on his website, alot of his other work is pretty sick aswell!!

Jeremy Scott: Spring/Summer 11

I dont really to much on fashion but i found this article pretty interesting! I like the photos becuase there just simple and straight-forward and the clothes are pretty insane too!!

mind you, you wont be seeing me rocking a pair of these camel toe heels any time soon!

I also probably wont ever be seen wearing a meat dress like this one either!! I’ve seen lady gaga recently wearing meat dresses but i really cant see it catching on!!

Photography- Morgan O’donovan


‘An important message about the arts’

This is Brillant!! I love how David Shrigleys made it hilarious but also putt the point across about something important..

Once you’ve watched it sign the petition….it all helps!

The Death of Ian Tomlinson: A Photographers Account

I read this article on Foto8’s website today and found it really interesting. I have to be honest and say im not that into politicis and stuff like that but after reading this it made me think twice about certain things going on in this country, especially things that are meant to be looking out for us!

It’s written by Michael Grieve who was at the G20 protests, not there as paparatzi or a nosey photographer, but merely there for interests and an agency in Paris.

“But photography did not fail that day. It recorded evidence as best it could from professionals, amateurs, to the unauthored CCTV. All photographers acted with total professionalism, doing their job, and not, as the police may these days accuse us, acting like potential terrorists or paedophiles, or whatever they decide to pull out of the hat. It goes with out saying that the only individual who unleashed terror this particular day at G20 was wearing a police uniform with his face partially obscured and failing to wear his serial number. And though he may be reprimanded internally by the police force he has, in effect, got away with it. And we citizens have to fight our corner and watch our backs.”