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R.I.P Corinne Day

I may a bit late with this one but i have only just read about the death of Corinne Day and im actually gutted!! She was one of my favourite photographers and her work was amazing!! confirms she passed-away over the weekend at the age of 45 after a long battle with brain cancer, she was most famous for her work with Kate Moss and will be extremely missed…


Mz Bratt’s new video

Directed by Tim and Barry (

Graphic design by Pete Hellicar

Animation/effects by Trav (

Alice Dellal

This article is pretty old now but i couldnt resist posting it because…well Alice Dellal is amazing!!

Model- Alice Dellal

Photographer- Sam Crawford

Source- No. #8 Issue


Yes i dont jus want this i need it!! Lets face it we aint going to get much more sun so i might aswell prepare for winter now…

It’s from Supreme’s Fall/winter 2010 collection…

I have a list as big as my arm of things i would like to buy, so if you have any get rich quick ideas then let me know…

Stuck ina rut…

Im finding my motivation really slacking recently and i hate it! I cant wait to get back to uni and into a city were i can get out of this boring routine ive found myslef in!!

I sound not..just bored!

Expect big things soon…

Just listen….

If you didnt know about these lot well know you do!!!

Mario Testino’s new book!

Im pretty new to his work to be honest but he is becoming one of my favourite photographers…i love absolutly everything he has done/doing!

His new book called ‘Kate Moss’ has just been realised and i need to get my hands on it, whether i buy it myself or permanently rent it it from the library…I WANT IT!