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The Family and the Land: Sally Mann exhibition

“This exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery will be the American photographer Sally Mann’s first solo exhibition in the UK. Combining several series from her long photographic career, The Family and the Land: Sally Mann will reflect Mann’s artistic impulse to draw on the world around her as subject matter. The ‘family’ element of the title will comprise Mann’s early series Immediate Family and the newer series Faces, both of which depict her children at various ages. The two series Motherland: Virginia and Deep South represent the landscape, portraying images made across the south of the United States. The more recent body of work, What Remains brings together both strands of the exhibition, through its examination of how bodies, as they decompose, merge into the land itself.”

The exhibition runs from the 18th of June to the 19th of september, I’d advice anyone to go and see this…I cant wait!

Visit the Photographers Gallery website for more information,


Stussy x ricoh GR digital III

As a part of Stussy’s 30th anniversary celebration they collaborated with camera brand Ricoh. They teamed up for an exhibition in Tokyo featuring some photographers that have worked with Stussy and Ricoh.

Here are a few of the photography artists that featured in the exhibition….

Chino Otsuka visit..

 I’m not going to lie but I had never heard of Chino Otsuka before but after seeing her talk, I’m glad I got the opportunity to see her and her work. I found her really laid back, interesting to listen to and easy to talk to.

After seeing all of her work one thing sprung to mind, self portraits! But Otsuka’s self portraits weren’t your typical self portraits. Her work on ‘TOKYO 4-3-4-506’, which is a series of images taken in an old flat she used to live in where she took photographs of herself partly hidden behind pieces of household furniture. She also featured herself in ‘Generations’, which was a series of images including herself, her mother and her grandmother. The images included these three characters doing the same thing and posing the same way. She also used more of her family in ‘Family reunion’, these were a collection of images of herself, mother and father. The images were taken in reflections, reflections such as train station windows, shop windows, etc. Otsuka told us about her family and ‘Family reunion’ gave me a small insight into her family. The images made me feel quite awkward which made me think maybe her parents aren’t close which is why she has had to photograph them this way instead of a stereotypical staged, white back drop kind of way.

The most interesting pieces of work Chino Otsuka showed us was ‘Imagine finding me’. Which was a series of images were Otsuka took existing photographs from her childhood and digitally manipulates and image from the present onto the same image. I found this incredibly interesting and wish I had thought of doing something like this!!

I really enjoyed seeing Otsuka’s work and love the way she thinks/works. I believe she takes her self portraits the way she does because of her background. Otsuka said herself that she doesn’t know whether to class herself as Japanese or English?! Either way Chino Otsuka is a very interesting lady with some extremely inspirational work.

Mini Diana arrived..

I’ve been wanting this for a while now and when i found it slightly cheaper than i had seen it before i just couldn’t resisit, plus it’s my birthday in 4 days so it can be my early birthday present!

Easter holidays at home..

It’s been nice having a few weeks of at home, got to see alot of people i hadn’t seen in a while so it was nice to spend some time with them….