Monthly Archives: March 2010

Fuji instax mini

Theres a pretty big gap in the market for Polaroid cameras but I think this one will fill it! Polaroids are a really easy way to get simple photographs but seemed to have been disappearing lately which is a massive shame.

 I have Polaroid camera that i would love to be able to use but cannot seem to get any film for it!

 My only worry is if I bought this camera and in 5 years fuji decided to stop making the film..I would be stuck with another Polaroid camera!


Skateboard.3D by Sebastian Denz

I just discovered this and thought it was amazing!

I think this proves what new up and comings are on their way for photography. 3D things are really moving on up at the minute, be it films and television, this is the first time I’ve seen it within a photography book. I think it could really take off and fit in with the 3D hype.

My final images for assignment 1

My images were shot around birmingham and coventry, i digitally manipulated the images to make them look like this and i thnk they’ve worked really well and i am really happy with my outcomes. Hopefully others like them too…

I’ve always beena fan of this website and I even have a book my them that i bought from the Tate London about a year ago. I find stuff like this really interesting becuase the images on the website come from all over the world. I think this kind of style of graffiti/photography works well becuase its easy to find and do and can have several different meanings, such as political, cultural or even jus for fun.

Here’s a few from the website…