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Fashion V Sport exhibition at The Herbert Gallery, Coventry

‘Fashion V Sport reveals the influence of sportswear on fashion and how both industries have been inspired by street style.

Sportswear has become an important part of the modern wardrobe. Trainers and tracksuits are more likely to be seen on the high street than shirts and suits, and high performance textiles developed for athletes can be found on the world’s fashion catwalks.

Divided into four sections, dare, display, play and desire, and using outfits and objects from the world’s top fashion houses and sports brands, the exhibition guides the visitor through the complex and creative connections between the two world’s of fashion and sport.’

I went to see this today and really enjoyed it, I managed to get some photos but cameras weren’t aloud so there not the best. I got some pretty interesting names after going to see it and it introduced me to collaboration and the differences two peoples ideas can be.

The exhibition included:

  • Adidas & neighborhood
  • Kish -trainer collection
  • Phil Tucker -Fila collection
  • Hirofumi Kiyonagon & Nike
  • Burton & iDiom
  • Emma Cook for Fred Perry
  • VisVim
  • Y-3
  • Prada Linea Rossa
  • Stella Mcartney & Adidas
  • Burton & Kid robot
  • Bernard Willhelm
  • Vivienne Westwood
  • Supreme Being trainers
  • Emilio Pucci for Adidas
  • Plus many more….

I’d definitely recommend anyone to go see this, whether your into fashion or sport….

Oh and this was one of the videos that was playing, i found it really interesting


Salvador Dali inspired jewellery

FSAudusta was formed by Central St Martins graduates. Their first collection inspired by Salvador Dali, consists of gold pig statement rings and surrealist pieces in gold infused with onyx.


I love these…