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Loretta Lux

I have a dvd presentation to do and have been given Loretta Lux as my chosen artist to do the project on. I first thought that she was a painter and wondered why I am researching a painter when im a photography student!! BUT after further research I found out all about what she does and it really interested me.

She photographs children and scans the image into the computer, she then adds her own background, either one shes photographed or one shes painted, and she simplifies the image so there is no distracting objects or details therefore giving the image a dream-like state. I still have to double look at her images because they look so much like paintings but now I have found out more about her im really intrigued. For the dvd presentation I have to look into Loretta’s career, the good things and the bad things about her work, I started to think of:

  • Is she a painter or photographer?
  • Is it modern/ contemporary art?
  • Is she cheating using editing software?
  • Is she too manipulative over the children she is photographing?

I will keep blogging the more I research about her but for now here are a few of her photos, I hope you find them as interesting as I do…


CD cover ideas

For one of my projects i have been asked to design 3 cd covers in the style of one of the art movements i have been researching. I started of by researching existing album covers and genres of music to get some initial ideas.

I have decided to chose drum and bass/ dubstep as my chosen genre  so to fit with this i thought about photographing something along the lines of decks, vinyls and speakers. After looking at me initial research i started to get distracted with the pop art movement and liked the cartoon style cd covers i found quite interesting.

soooo i decided to have a little play around, i took some existing images from google and played around with them in Photoshop:

Im really happy with how these have come out, i think they look really simple but actually quite effective. In the speaker image i like the way i have left some of the original image and not covered in all in colour.

I went out at the weekend to a friends house to take some photos of his dj decks sooo today i took the oppurtunity to work on Photoshop to do some editing, this time i also did some photomonatges just for experimentation and will post them soon. This it the one i did today which i really actually like and im really pleased with how it has came out:

CD final outcomes..

Mike Valente visit..

As a part of Coventry Conversations Mike Valente came to show and talk about his work. He is a freelance photographer that specializes in car photography. I, personally am not interested in car photographer but found his talk interesting and i enjoyed listening to someone who does enjoy car photography.

He gave me an insight into all the different aspects of shooting cars, for example, static shots, portrait and landscape, beauty and action shots and also the detailed close up shots. This made me think that maybe car photography may not be as easy as people presume.

What I found most influencing about Mike Valente was the way he shot his images, he told us that he was constantly looking out for new and exciting locations to shoot but sometimes he would only get to have to car for 15 minutes so he had to work his magic in such a short space of time. This makes me think how can he get a certain amount of images and how does he know that at least one of them will turn out to be the right one?! On the other hand if he is shooting at a car show he only has the static pose and same location to deal with, which must be just as hard as having only 15 minutes to do a shoot. So I found him quite inspirational.

He also spoke about the transition from film to digital. The things he missed the most about film was the interaction, he told us that while he had his films developing he would be down the pub with his mates then when they were done he would go and pick them up but when it comes to digital all he has to do is upload them onto his computer. Mike also gave us his point of view about editing software, he told us that he uses it quite a lot but that’s because that’s what magazines would prefer but he said that he finds it helpful but it’s not majorly important . Basically he said it all depends on who he is photographing for.

He gave us a little tip:

P – preparation or place

H – hardware (kit)

O – objective

T – timing (time of day/ timing of shot)

O – outcome